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A brief history of Eurasians in Sarawak

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(Bop) [CD] Charles McPherson

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Bibi Bibi, 55

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Charles McPherson

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Nancy Shukri

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Mcpherson bibi Charles McPherson

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Nancy Shukri’s mother passes away

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Siku Ya Bibi (Day of the Lady)

Of English-Melanau parentage, Owen joined the Electrical Department on January 1, 1923.

  • In 1948, McPherson married Shukri Mahidi, a Malay-Melanau teacher from Santubong.

  • Mathilde Krim was the wife of Arthur Krim, chairman of the Finance Committee for the Democratic Party and president of United Artists.


So, they created the popular This with That blog and.

  • A personal trainer, she is enviably fit, and her style defies her age.

  • By evening of the second day, two-thirds of the Syrian air force had been destroyed.