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MALAYSIA Global Network

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  • Our pledge is to provide our clients with the plans and work scope of our services, including environmental management and on-site waste management plans which will be agreed upon by both our clients and the authorities before the commencement of work.

  • Customers who wish to test drive the Kona Electric can also do so at this new centre with prior appointment with a sales advisor.

Jawatan Kosong SUPERVISOR

You can now contribute your bit towards reducing the electronic waste piling in our landfills without delving into the complexities of recycling that affect your business operations.

  • This new centre houses a showroom, a spare parts centre and a service centre that comes with five fully equipped service bays, including two Quick Service bays, offering a maximum throughput of 50 vehicles a day.

  • All our services and recycling operations are completed by following the given waste management legislation of the country, with minimal impact on the environment.

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